WordPress Support Packages

At Connect Think, we have you covered.
Our monitoring services include the following:


Connect Think will track essential parts of your WordPress site that are crucial to the user experience. Since WordPress is so popular and has a large dedicated group of developers, new versions of the core files and plugins are released frequently. We will update your website with any necessary new files, versions, and functionality to make sure your website is always running at an optimum speed. Updates include:

  • WordPress core files
  • Plugin files
  • Theme framework files

Once Connect Think makes an update, we will review each page to ensure that all functionality remains intact.

Uptime Monitoring

Is your website up and running? Are search engines receiving all of your published content? Connect Think can monitor your website performance and set up alerts so we know if your website goes down within minutes. We also monitor your website traffic so we know if there is a spike in traffic from a post that goes viral or if the website is attacked by spam-bots. Our preemptive approach to security equips us to fend off attacks and minimize any downtime for your website.


Don’t risk losing all your website’s valuable WordPress information. By keeping regular backups, Connect Think can quickly get your website back online after a catastrophic event or help restore that last post you wrote before someone else accidentally deleted it. Connect Think can create regularly scheduled backups and store them in a secure location of your business’s choosing (Dropbox, Amazon S3, or internal to your business). Our backup services include:

  • Regularly scheduled backups
  • Restoration upon any security threats
  • Restoration upon client request




Connect Think takes takes website security and stability very seriously. We believe that security is everyone’s responsibility and is not to be taken lightly. A threat to the a website or WordPress system is a threat to the whole server and potentially other systems on that server. Connect Think utilizes a three-pronged approach to WordPress security.

  1. Minimize Potential Vulnerabilities

    Connect Think builds every WordPress theme on a custom, tried-and-true theme framework. We have stress-tested our framework to ensure reliability and continue to develop it as new technologies continuously emerge. We keep all the core WordPress files updated and maintained.

  2. Security Through Obscurity

    Essentially, the less information an attacker has about your system, the more difficult it will be for them to gain access. This is a simple concept that has been in the IT information technology business for a long time. Connect Think takes several measures to ensure that information about the website is not easily accessible. Measures include, but are not limited to:

    • Denying directory list access.
    • Using unconventional login names.
    • Using unconventional database table prefixes.
    • Obscuring paths to sensitive functionality.
    • Ensuring that any login information is not stored on server.
  3. Harden WordPress

    In addition to the steps outlined above, Connect Think uses professional security plugins for WordPress. These plugins allow us to securely manage a WordPress site to prevent hackers from accessing and altering a site’s files and file system. These plugins also enable us to utilize advanced security options that are not standard to basic WordPress installations.

Let us take the wheel

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