Meet Thinkpress

Thinkpress is a theme framework Connect Think uses to build custom WordPress themes for our clients. The framework includes a handful of key plugins, a clean and semantic template system, and a modular content system that makes it easy for clients to create page layouts. The framework is the perfect starting point for any WordPress project.

How Does it Work?

Fast, Custom Made

Thinkpress is a custom theme framework, not an existing theme customized for a client. In the beginning, it starts as a plain white page, ready for design. This means our team can create unique websites with a focus on content first, rather than bootstrapping content on a pre-existing layout. The end result is a snappy website, built for speed and perfectly branded.

Responsive Ready

Thinkpress is based on a lightweight grid system that helps our team lay out a page design into columns. As users view our websites, the grid helps scale content down to fit any size screen it’s viewed on. Thinkpress ensures the website looks great no matter what device a user visits from.


Of course, the front end is only half the story of any website. Content has to be easy to update and manage over the life of the website. Thinkpress implements a module system that helps clients build page layouts with smaller modular sections. Connect Think can develop modules for any kind of content: images, videos, columns, testimonials, maps, forms, social feeds, anything! Now just drag and drop modules to create unique pages. Easy as that.

Content First

Well organized and easily managed content is a cornerstone to any successful website. Thinkpress makes it easy to develop custom content types, custom page templates, and unique landing pages, so clients can manage content in a way that makes sense for them. A CMS should fit the needs of its users. With Thinkpress, WordPress becomes a custom content management system designed specifically for a client.

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