• Traders Point Creamery Homepage
  • Products content modules make updating the website easy
  • Easy integration with where to buy widget and home delivery options
Client: Traders Point Creamery

Traders Point Creamery produces organic, 100% Grassfed, non-homogenized dairy products packaged in glass and runs an authentic farm-to-table restaurant on the northwest side of Indianapolis. They sell products to different consumers and industries around the country and needed to update their website to provide information relevant to consumer’s questions. Connect Think upgraded and programmed the Traders Point Creamery website so they could easily manage and update product information. The updated website includes:

  • A desktop and mobile responsive design.
  • Custom content layout tool.
  • Important product and restaurant notifications.
  • Detailed downloadable nutritional information.
  • Easy to use “Where to buy” tool.
  • On-going support to continusously improve the user experience based on the seasonal sales needs.