Client: MemoryMeals™

MemoryMeals™ is a meal plan program based on the MIND (Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay) diet which has shown to help lower risk of dementia. They deliver weekly menu plans that are catered towards senior communities. We worked with MemoryMeals as their technical advisor and CTO-hire. Our main goal was to enhance and accelerate their product to add value to new customers, quickly. Connect Think completed the following technical tasks:

  • Transitioned system from NoSQL blog storage to relational database.
  • Integrated with ESHA for ingredient and recipe nutrient lookup.
  • Created architecture for micro-service infrastructure to support current and future needs of the platform.
  • Created online portal to deliver marketing, activities, and culinary programming for senior living facilities.
  • Implemented custom meal plan algorithm for scoring weekly meal plans.
  • Designed and implemented a suggestion engine to improve meal plan scores.