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Client: IndyGo
Skill: Responsive Website
Visit Website: http://www.indygo.net

IndyGo, the largest public transportation provider in the state of Indiana, was in need of a complete website overhaul. With a ridership of more than 10 million passenger trips in 2014 alone, IndyGo needed an easy to use website that provides quick route information to riders on the go. Connect Think designed and programmed the IndyGo website so that the client could easily manage and update bus route data featuring thousands of route stop times. The website includes:

  • A desktop and mobile responsive design
  • Custom content layout tool
  • Custom built GTFS WordPress plugin to import bus route data from existing sources
  • Important route service alert notifications
  • Detailed downloadable maps
  • Easy to use trip planning tool
  • Complete route timetables
  • Easy to use online pass purchasing