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Client: Central Restaurant Products
Skill: Mobile Website

One of the main components of Central’s publishing channels is their website. Connect Think developed a mobile website to serve as a new marketing channel and sales order entry point targeted at business-to-business opportunities.

To reduce the development timeline of the mobile website and maintenance requirements after implementation, we determined the best solution was to have the mobile and desktop websites share as much code as possible. This reduced the daily maintenance costs and enhanced the feasibility of future project updates as needed. Project features include:

  • Creation of a new, mobile optimized marketing channel to help customers purchase products on the go
  • Collaboration with Central to create a site that functioned almost exactly as their desktop site, with a new focus on the mobile paradigm, streamlining screens and the checkout process to increase order conversion and mobile user experience
  • Focus on increasing website speed with minimal latency
  • Implementation of faster product searching and direct contact with Central sales staff making use of the “Tap to Call” feature
  • Creation of middleware API to merge different data stores into one common programming interface
  • Development of Web API responsible for all business logic and communications with all in-house systems