• CIRTA Homepage
  • Customizable content modules lets CIRTA control many parts of their website
  • Integration with trip planning software
Client: Central Indiana Regional Transportation Authority
Visit Website: www.cirta.us

The Central Indiana Regional Transportation Authority (CIRTA) wanted to combine three separate websites into one comprehensive website. The goal of the new website was to provide quick transportation options to riders across the region. Our team worked with Studio Science to design and program the new website so CIRTA staff could easily manage and update service provider data, along with information to help people get to work or travel for pleasure. Our team performed the following tasks for CIRTA:

  • Designed a desktop and mobile responsive website.
  • Created a custom content layout tool.
  • Built a custom transportation service provider plugin to manage transportation data from existing sources.
  • Integrated detailed, downloadable maps.
  • Provide on-going support to continusouly improve the site for CIRTA stakeholders and riders from around the region.