Agility Multichannel - Product Management for Commerce
Client: Agility Multichannel
Skill: Enterprise

Agility Multichannel is a Product Information Management system that helps companies of all sizes gather, manage, approve, and publish information about their products. Companies need to constantly flow crucial product information to their numerous marketing channels, such as an E-Commerce platform. They also need to feed Agility information from their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or sales platform. Connect Think’s experience with Agility Multichannel includes:

  • Importing product information from multiple types of systems and data formats.
  • Streamlining existing Agility product structures to new and cleaner data models.
  • Creating real-time and batch update systems to pull data out of Agility and translate to various other platforms.
  • End to end project management, performing as liaison between channel owner (Merchandising, I.T., Creative, Product Merchandising, Marketing), customer, provider, developer, and integrator.
Provided support and development using the latest technology thanks to the Microsoft BizSpark Program.