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FatStax: Android Application

Android Application


FatStax is a customized mobile application designed to assist sales teams while they are off-site with prospects and clients. The app provides teams with the ability to create mobile sales tools that provide access to sales collateral as well as products wherever they need to access them. FatStax works directly with their clients to create applications configured to fit their specific needs.


Limited Platforms

FatStax is a valuable and successful software solution that struggled with customer availability. Before the development of the Android application could begin, FatStax was only available on devices running iOS. Only clients using Apple devices were able to take advantage of the apps capabilities.


Among other challenges faced when developing the new Android application, FatStax needed a system that could be accessed easily offline with an easy-to-use interface to provide sales teams with a superior sales service.


As FatStax grew, it was clear that their market had grown well beyond iOS alone and software capabilities needed to expand with their customer-base. To adequately serve sales team needs, an Android application was necessary.


Before the development of their Android app, FatStax had never worked with the platform. Initial discovery and project planning phases led Connect Think’s experienced developers and project managers to a customized project process consisting of a series of development and testing phases designed to aid in the expected Android experience learning curve, and provide a high-quality final FatStax Android app.

Flexible Interface

FatStax for Android has a user-friendly user interface that caters to the architectural differences between Android and iOS devices. These differences include the many different Android screen sizes and multiple manufacturers including but not limited to Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets, Google Nexus, LG, and Kindle Fire.

Many times, impromptu meetings happen for sales reps – whether at a regional meeting, at a dinner, or even just accidentally bumping into a prospect at the local coffee shop, and the rep didn’t have their iPad with them. But they always had their phones. – Introducing FatStax Android Sales App

Along with the extensive development process, our team made sure that the user experience was simple to use on each device. Some of the components which provide the pleasing experience include the ability to view brief or extended views of the app components, a pleasing design adapted from the iOS platform, and extensive search capabilities.

FatStax Android Double 1.2


To provide users with a versatile and user-friendly solution, Connect Think included individual app login capabilities that ensure members can add information and make requests for access to specific items from their company and other team members. User accounts can be accessed offline and provide instructions for member login as well as a getting started guide to make full use of the installed Android app. Once the user creates an account, the option to add items to user “favorites” provides almost instant access to valuable and frequently used information and gives each user the opportunity to share information directly from the app.

FatStax Android Double 2.2

Efficient Display Functionality

The Android app, like the iOS version, provides a clear display of files loaded to the user’s account with a simple tap to download feature. Additionally, the app informs the user if they have not downloaded files they are viewing. This valuable feature prevents multiple downloads of the same file, ensuring user efficiency when searching for documents while offline.

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We designed the FatStax Android Sales App to mirror people’s typical behaviors with their phones and tablets in a sales situation or while hanging out at the airport bar between flights. – FatStax

Connect Think developed an easy-to-access, efficient sales tool that caters to Android users. The Android app provided FatStax with the ability to reach an audience, to which they had not previously had access. Although the app needed to cater to many versions of the Android operating system, crossing a multitude of device memory allowances and fewer media rich capabilities compared to iOS devices, Connect Think developers ensured that FatStax could provide Android users with the same features that were previously available only to iOS users.

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