WP-SCSS: A WordPress Sass Plugin

Today we are announcing our first WordPress plugin WP-SCSS, a lightweight plugin designed to compile your sass files into css on the fly. And we made sure to refine the code for use with any wordpress theme. Not sure what sass is or how it can change your life? Maybe you’ve never...
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Getting the Most Out of git

Getting the Most Out of Git

One of the most important things you can do as a software developer is not only to use a source control system, but to use that system properly. We don’t advocate one technology over another here at Connect Think, we simply attempt to find the right tool for the job. Some of our...
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Computer File Management

The Importance of Naming Layers and File Organization

When it comes down to it, the two most attractive words to me as a professional designer are “billable hours.” I do my best to be as organized as possible to ensure that the greatest number of hours I spend working will be “billable hours.” Don’t get me wrong – there is a...
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